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BioAntares LLC 

PO Box 225122 San Francisco, CA 94122-5122 
T: 1-888-900-7989  F: 1-888-900-1092

BioAntares LLC is a US distributor of innovative mutagenicity, genotoxicity  and  cytotoxicity assays produced by Xenometrix, established in Alschwill near Basel (Switzerland) in 1995.  Our advanced Ames mutagenicity assays (microfluctuation assays) and cytotoxicity screening kits are designed to reduce the amount of test compound, hands-on time and consumables.

NEW Products and Services

YES and YAS endocrine disruptor kits
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Ames MPF™ Genotoxicity Assays

Convenient, cost-efficient and environment  friendly
Significantly reduced cost
Substantially reduced plastic disposable waste
Less compound and reagents  needed
Convenient, easy and require less hands-on time
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Watch the detailed visual guide to Ames MPF

The Ames MPF and Ames Mutagenicity assays are modified versions of classical Ames test using liquid culture instead of agar plates. The assays are based on the microfluctuation method cited in the OECD Guideline 471 for testing chemicals but use 384-well microtiter plates and  have a colorimetric read-out.

The kits include quality controlled S. typhimurium or E.coli strains and ready-to-use media.  Liver S9, a NEW S9 cofactor kit, and positive controls are also available. Ames MPF assays require only  4 or 10 mg test compound per strain (with a top dose of 2 or 5 mg/ml, triplicates, +/- S9) and feature:   significantly lower consumption of liver S9,  convenient and faster reading of results, 6-fold reduced volume of contaminated plastic ware.

Cytotoxicity Screening Test Systems

Award winning PANI  multiparameter assay - One sample, 4 parameters
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Complete range of Fast,  Efficient and Flexible Cytotoxicity assays
Xenometrix provides a broad range of Fast, Efficient and Flexible Cytotoxicity Assays.  All kits come in Ready-to-use format and include all the reagents needed to perform either an individual or a  combined  assay.  Cytotoxicity Assays can be used to determine the 50% inhibiting dose or concentration (ID50 or IC50 respectively) or the no effect dose (NED).

Product Lists and Literature

Efficient Screening of drinking water for mutagenic contaminants

UmUC Easy AQ and UmuC Easy CS
SOS Response Tests

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UmuC Easy AQ and UmuC Easy C SOS Response Assays are Ready-to-use kits for  screening genotoxic compounds in water, sediments, soil, air or industrial effluents.  

UmuC Easy AQ - is for assessing  genotoxic activity in aqueous samples
UmuC Easy CS - is for assessing  genotoxic activity for concentrated samples
Both kits can be used either with optimized protocol or with the original ISO/FDIS 13820 procedure
and contain the strain TA1535 [pSK1002] and media described in the procedure

Contract Research and Custom Services

Xenometrix facility in Basel has a fully staffed and equipped laboratory for the purpose of performing optimal Ames testing on customer samples. Xenometrix performs the assays, interprets the data and then produces a detailed analytical report which is a cost effective  alternative for customers who do not have the resources to perform the tests themselves.
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